To Suppliers

Suggested to safe sellers.We will post it and sell it after confirming your company.



Can you offer products to major airlines, power companies, travel agencies etc?
If there is hope instead of a style that will introduce you to a partner store, After consent from your company, we will guide you and sell carefully.

If translation data such as English and Chinese are available, we introduce not only domestic but also overseas dealers. We deal with various products such as cosmetics, food (confectionery), general goods, beauty home appliances, liquors and so on.

Introduction of partner(Partial case)

Some places can not be released by contract.
ANABenefit One
Credit Saison CardTV TokyoSource next
QT net (Kyushu Electric Power)ZapparasOldness and tax payment, local government
(Random order)

To all of the suppliers

To sales store

Comply with intention

We will comply with the manufacturer's intention as much as possible.We will confirm and adjust the intention of the request from the dealer, not just our own decision.

Disclose sellers

We will present the sale destination of important products first.As an agent of your company, we will coordinate with each dealer and contribute to continuous sales.

Sales channel management is also possible

Record the serial number you have shipped on request.It is also possible to report.Please leave it in peace.We also offer genuine product certification technology.

Overseas sales channels

By offering English and Chinese with product names and descriptions, it will be possible to negotiate postings in sales channels other than Japan.

API and CSV linkage

System cooperation is possible by API etc.By connecting with your company's system, ordering can be automated without human intervention.

Introduction of sales channels

In addition, we will introduce you to magazines and trade papers.

Partners are displayed randomly. Out of order