We will take care of all the troublesome work such as individual contract and inventory control.

This business can not correspond at all for the sale for the purpose of resale (Sedori etc.) on Amazon etc. please note that.



We will act for "Purchase", "Customer support", "Installation service", etc.
It is possible to focus only on campaigns and order management. If you have the desired product, just negotiate with each partner manufacturer by simply giving instructions.

We will deliver products with genuine products.For questions about products from customers or in the case of home appliances or office equipment  It is also possible to substitute for such visit settings. (National response)

Introduction of partner(PARTIAL CASE)

There is information that can not be released by the contract.
Fresh flowers, sundries, food, home appliances, office equipment, bicycles, watches, etc.
(Random order)


To sales store

To customers all over the world

We deliver products made in Japan from one piece to customers all over the world.You can expand your products such as cosmetics, sundries and home appliances.

Bulk delivery possible

It is also possible to deliver at once instead of one unit.However, when it comes to wholesale sales, it may not be handled by the manufacturer's intention.

Available for customers

It is possible for us to respond to inquiries from end users and delivery date responses.In addition, installation support such as home appliances is possible.

Ship according to your company

We will create and ship invoices according to your company.It is also possible to match the format of delivery documents etc.

API and CSV linkage

System cooperation is possible by API etc.By connecting with your company's system, ordering can be automated without human intervention.

System lending

We can introduce point exchange system corresponding to the whole world.We will reduce the burden on your company's point exchange.

Partners are displayed randomly. Out of order