B2B2C type
Product delivery agency

On behalf of your company we will deliver from one to customers around the world.
(We have business partnerships with airlines, power companies, TVs, magazines, etc.)

Business outline

This business can not correspond at all for the sale for the purpose of resale (Sedori etc.) on Amazon etc. please note that.

To Suppliers

Can you offer products to a point exchange program or a completely closed site?


Providing safe products to stores with peace of mind.

We will coordinate our business smoothly as a “back side” connecting product providers and distributors.

We will work to maximize the financial value in the long run for both companies, not a mechanism that only one or the other can benefit.

To Seller

We will ship products from one to various point exchange programs and closed market operators.
(The supplier side has a sales permission review)
We deliver this product to Japan and the world.We have established cooperative relationships with domestic and overseas stores.

Feature of service

Services not limited to Japan only

Delivery from one to the world

We will deliver the product to customers all over the world. We will introduce you to points exchange around the world, a site for members, etc.

Good at system construction

We develop API and CSV etc by system construction of the specialty.We will work to streamline operations.Minimize human error.We will also submit a report.

Multilingual customer support

Starting with Japanese, English and Chinese can be supported.You can also set up and set up PCs and smartphones in Japan.

B2B2C Business Overview

It can not basically respond to general sales stores such as Amazon and Rakuten.


To suppliers

Guide to major Japanese airlines, electric power companies, travel companies and card companies in the world

Introduce points exchange (mileage) program and membership site. We will guide you after the seller's exhibition permission.
According to your request, it is also possible to ship your company's product identification number (lot No.) at the 「P mark」 possession warehouse and ship.Please provide products with peace of mind.


To Seller

Consigns point exchange business that is not your main business.System lending. Purchase support, customer support.

Negotiation of product listing with suppliers and individual delivery to your customers.And we can respond to our customers.
In addition, in globalization, we can propose a system compatible with the world such as point exchange system.

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